Everything You Need To Know About Angry Birds Match!

Angry Birds Match a brand-new Rovio’s match-3 puzzle game introduced with lots of entertainment. The goal of the game or players is to pass match-3 puzzles and unlock the hatchlings. The set includes many challenging levels, currencies, items, birds and hatchlings, graphics which help players to enjoy more.

Playing the game smoothly and strategic permits all the users to reduce their mental stress besides grab more benefits. It also helps them to acquire puzzle skills to enhance mental power besides solve every hard situation as soon as possible. Gamers can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free.

The events

There are many events organized with a specific time that users need to complete for more benefits. Completing each event offers an array of benefits, bonuses, as well as rewards to the users. If you are a new user, don’t forget to complete the activities at the right time. In case if your goal is to keep level up or unlock more birds, then try to ignore the events.


With the help of supporters, players are able to destroy hard match-3 puzzle levels quickly without getting stressed. Save boosters for the hard times as its not an easy task to earn them easily. Using boosters correctly and at the right time helps to progress quickly besides explore endless entertainment.

Coins and moves

In each level, you’ll get specific steps to pass the level. Giving the degree in fewer movements helps to earn more coins. The game offers one coin for every move you don’t use. However, you can use angry birds match cheats to obtain more coins with few easy tips.

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