Top 3 Currencies of the Simpsons Tapped Out

Everyone is finding some enjoyable things on the internet, and most of us are using the games for it. One of the leading games is The Simpsons Tapped Out. The game is a stunning way for fun, and it is offered by Electronic Arts.

It is only compatible with android and iOS. In which you will build your Springfield for entertainment and capture several kinds of characters. Explore more for getting the advantages of new things for expanding the city. Design with own way and grab the free rewards and currency. The game is free for playing, and anyone can download it by the playstore.

Know about the currency:

In the gameplay, three different currencies are used, and these are named like money, donuts, ticket, and experience points. A high amount of all currencies are enhancing the winning chances in the game, and the players can also purchase more things.


Money is a prime currency for collecting characters and adding new things for building the town. We will also win some tasks and to decorate each part of it we need to spend money.


It is a valuable currency, and we will receive two donuts when leveling up in the game. They are good for playing long, and the users have to concern on the big amount of it. Or search for the simpsons tapped out hack to get donuts faster and expand Springfield as you like.

Tickets and experience points 

Expansion of the gameplay requires the numbers of tickets and XP is a good sign of success in the game. Both are beneficial for getting new chances for surviving long.

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